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Dreyfuss and Co. timepieces represent a return to traditional, quality, Swiss hand made watch making skills at a time when the watch market is increasingly dominated by fashion watches.

Dreyfuss and Co. watches provide an exquisite, traditional alternative to such watches for a similar price. To quote Robert Dreyfuss – whose great uncle “Rene Dreyfuss” is the inspiration behind the collection, “Dreyfuss and Co. watches are unashamedly traditional”. Rene Dreyfuss established his “Dreyfuss Fils” watch business in 1925, and his original designs and ideas have been incorporated into this appealingly classic Swiss watch brand.

Only the finest materials are used in the production of a Dreyfuss and Co. watch, for example all the watches in the range have “Sapphire glasses” a material that is ranked second only to diamond in terms of hardness, Diamond is the hardest material known to man and as such the watch glasses are extremely durable and virtually scratch proof.

All the cases and bracelets are made from solid stainless steel, a material that is both robust, ‘allergy free’ and will not deteriorate over time. Stainless steel can also be polished time and again to remove scratches and restore the original condition of the watch if ever needed.

Each leather strap is fitted with a deployment clasp – stamped with the “Dreyfuss and Co.” logo, which means that once set for the wrist size of an individual the watch strap can be opened rather like a watch bracelet – with a “press-release” action, this is a common feature of high quality Swiss made watches, which prologues the life of the leather strap and reduces its creasing.

The seafarer waterproof standard which is found on all stainless steel models protects the watch by making it totally waterproof; allowing the watch to be as versatile as the wearer. Uncompromising to the aesthetics of Dreyfuss and Co watches, none of the watches have screw backs, which by design forces the watch to be deeper and chunkier. Instead the completely waterproof seal is provided by precision engineering; a tribute to the workmanship involved in creating such a timepiece. A screw in crown is present to protect the second entry point of each seafarer assured watch.

Needless to say all the mechanisms whether quartz or automatic are high quality Swiss made movements.

Dreyfuss and Co. watches are by no means mass produced. The process of hand manufacture is time consuming and consequently production figures are relatively low. That is why we recommend a phone call before placing an order so we can advise when the watch may be with you. In rare cases it may take between 2 and 3 weeks to supply a Dreyfuss and Co watch.

Definition of hand made
All cases and bracelets are made from hand stampings, polished and assembled by hand.
Leather straps are hand stitched.
Waterproof compliance is tested by hand and watches are hand sealed and closed.
Dials, crowns, glasses, hands and movements are all mounted by hand.
Production of the dials, hands, movements, glasses, crowns and clasps all involve the use of hand operated machinery and tools.
This act of creation by hand ensures each watch is as individual as its creator and its owner, and each watch is numbered and certified to attest to its individuality.

The motto of the original Rotary founder – Moise Dreyfuss – “Quality watchmaking and good value” is equally applicable to this new range from “Dreyfuss and Co.” Dreyfuss and Co. watches are a fitting tribute to a modest and unassuming man who dedicated his life to perfecting the art of watchmaking. There is no other make of watch on the market today that offers Swiss hand-made quality at such affordable prices.

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